Cute Halloween Pajamas for Baby, Kids, Family (2023)

Halloween pajamas for kids and families.

Admittedly, I never thought much about Halloween-themed pajamas before having a kid. But now that I have one, I one hundred percent get it. A little sleepwear set with spooky patterns to get in the spirit of the season? I’m down! 

I found some really cute Halloween pjs for Hayes and accidentally stumbled on a ton of other cute ones in the process. So I put ’em all together, in case you’re looking for kids pajamas for the spookiest time of year.

I separated everything out into baby, toddler, kids, pj costumes, and family Halloween pajamas, to make it easy. So here’s a big list of Halloween pajamas to celebrate the spooky season.

The Cutest and Best Halloween Pajamas

Finding the perfect holiday pajamas adds a little more fun to the Halloween season. Plus, at least for my kiddo, it can get young ones even more hyped for what’s to come on October 31st. 

Obviously, not all pj sets are created equal though. So, whether you’re staying in for a to watch your favorite scary movie or getting ready for a trick-or-treating Halloween adventure, these spooky delights are oh-so-memorable for kids (and adults). Great gifts for a Halloween celebration as well.

Baby Halloween pajamas, featuring jack-o-lantern pumpkins, ghosts, and cute party pets

Baby Halloween Pajamas

Babies can totally get away with wearing holiday pjs to a Halloween party, right? They don’t even need a costume.

1. Pumpkin Halloween Sweatpants Set from Amazon $19.98

2. Halloween Costumed Pets Two Piece Lounge Wear Set from Spearmint Baby $38

3. Halloween Cluster 2 Way Zip Sleepwear from Spearmint Baby $30

Toddler Halloween pajamas

Toddler Halloween Pajamas

Pajama sets for toddlers, that are actually cute! And most of these toddler pjs come in a wide range of sizes (most would work for kids as well)

8. Pumpkin Organic Pajama Set from Pottery Barn Kids $31 – The cutest pumpkins – love the facial expressions.

9. Long Sleeve Pajamas in Carve from Kyte Baby $37 – Designed for sensitive skin and made of breathable material (bamboo fabric).

10. Fall Pumpkin 2PC Button-Up Sleepwear from Amazon $18.99 – The button-up! I can’t take it. So cute. Comes in baby sizes too. 

11. Halloween Pumpkins Pajama Set from Maisonette $64 – You have to click through on these to see the illustrations.

Bonus Toddler PJs

12. KicKee Pants Halloween Celebrations Pajama Set from Amazon $40 

Kids pajamas pant sets, in spooky but cute patterns

Kids Halloween PJs

Short sleeve and long sleeves options for kiddos.

13. Goodnight, Spooky NightsPJs from Smaller Things $45 – These have to be the coolest ones of them all, imo.

14. Short Sleeve with Pants Pajamas in Boo from Kyte Baby $35 – The little ghouls on this pj set are adorable!

15. Cotton Halloween Ghost Pajama Set from Target $12 – Available in sizes 4-14! I love these and they’re so affordable.

16. Trick Or Treat Bamboo Toddler Pajama Set from Maisonette $39 – This might be my favorite spooky pattern of them all.

Halloween pajamas that double as Halloween costumes - featuring strawberry costume, bat costume, and more.   

Halloween PJs that Double as Halloween Costumes

If your kid is the type to change his mind at the VERY last minute when it comes to costumes, it doesn’t hurt to have a backup that doubles as Halloween pjs, right?

17. Strawberry Zip Sleeper Costume from Hannah Andersson $20 – Hayes love strawberries, so I had to include this one. Doesn’t every kid like strawberries though?

18. Toddler Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PJs Costume from Target $15 – A classic!

19. Gender-Neutral One-Piece Bat Costume PJs from Old Navy $36.99 – I love the wings on these costumes.

20. Disney Pixar Russell Costume (Up) PJs from Amazon $29.99 – From the movie Up, but also has a cute adventure / boy scout vibe.

family halloween pajamas that feature ghost prints, bats, the grinch, and skeletons

Matching Family Halloween Pajamas

Here are some spooky pjs that the whole family can wear. I still haven’t done the matching family pajamas thing with out fam, but honestly, its so cute. And I am certain kids (especially little ones) love it.

21. Spooky Smiles Matching Family Pajamas from Hannah Andersson $20 and up – The cutest little ghost pattern.

22. Let’s Go Batty Matching Family Pajamas from Old Navy $29.99 – Love the bats.

23. Grinch Costume Matching Family Fleece Onesies from Hannah Andersson $39 – Brining a little Christmas to Halloween.

24. Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton Halloween Matching Family Pajama from Target $12- 30 – They glow in the dark? I’m in!

Bonus Family PJs

25. Family Feeling Matching Skeleton Pajamas Set from Amazon $14.99- 45.99

That’s it for Halloween pajamas. Hope you were able to find something to get you into the spooky spirit for a scary movie marathon or passing out candy for trick-or-treaters.

All you need now are a few witch hats and some black cats for the perfect (and comfy) Halloween night.

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